Sunday, 5 July 2015

Fosters Beer Price in India - Strong, Lager beer rates and Information

Fosters is one of the best beer brands in Indian market, Fosters beer is available in Strong and lager beer options, they sell beer in 500 ml cans as well as 330 ml and 650 ml bottles.

Fosters Beer Price

  • Fosters Strong Beer 650 Ml bottle Price Rs.110
  • Fosters Strong Beer 330 ML bottle Rs.60
  • Fosters Strong Beer 500 Ml can Rs.95
  • Fosters Lager Beer 650 Ml Rs.105
  • Fosters lager Beer 330 Ml Rs.65
  • Fosters Lager Beer 500 Ml Can Rs.85
  • Fosters Lager Beer 330 Ml Can Rs65


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