Thursday, 25 June 2015

Budweiser Beer Price in India - Rate of Magnum, Premium King, Bottle, Beer Can, Beer Price List

Budweiser is one of the top beer brands in India. Also know as the King of beers in India, the price of various bottles and cans is given below.

Budweiser Beer Price in India

Budweiser Magnum Price
  • 330 ml         Rs.75
  • 650 ml         Rs.150
  • 500 Can ml  Rs.110
Budweiser Premium King Beer Price.
It comes in 650 and 330 ml bottles as well as 330 ml and 650 ml Cans.
  • 330 ml bottle Rs.70
  • 650 ml bottle Rs. 135
  • 500 ml Can   Rs.100
  • 330 ml Can   Rs.70

Budweiser beer price in  Delhi.

  •  Budweiser 650 ml beer price Rs.150
  •  Budweiser 500 ml beer can Rs.110

Budweiser beer price in  Mumbai 

  • 330 ml bottle Price rs.70
  • 650 ml bottle Price rs.145


  1. is this legally available in jaipur,rajasthan

  2. is this legally available in jaipur,rajasthan

  3. no not available in raj. tabhi toh delhi main dhund raha hun

  4. Available in Guwahati. But now, at a higher price. Bought the 500ml CAN for 190 a few days back and 650ml bottle have been discontinued. Too sad!

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  7. My dear all friends I m from I know the Budweiser beer status here pls drink only our Indian beer...dont think its goood beer.....this is only your mentality